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Colors for Earth Dry Crystals extend the reach of creativity when it comes to finishing ware. Phyl Scalf was selected to do the research and development for this new addition to the CFE family of ceramic products. Here are some of the combinations she came up with in this research. To view a video on the application of CFE Dry Crystals, copy and paste the following web site address into your browser:

Peacock Inspired
 Using bisque fired to 04, prepare bisque for painting. Roll the inside of the piece with desired glaze color.  Apply three coats of Colors for Earth CGE560 Navy Blue glaze to the outside of the entire piece. For the green areas, apply two coats of CFE GGE560 Kelly Green. In a third coat of CGE560, use CFE Dry Crystals Wheaten and Yellow Green. My prefered application method is to load a soft fan brush with glaze then dip in the crystals. For a video that demonstrates this application, see the You Tube web address listed above on this web page.


Coming Soon -- Snail of a Different Color


Coming Soon -- Cerulean Gourd


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