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Artist Phyl Scalf's interest in art has been a life-long one. It found its true place for expression through ceramics. Her work has been sold throughout the country as well as internationally. Many local and natioanl groups have purchased her pieces to award as trophies and incentive prizes. Some of the clubs that have offered her work include: Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Arizona, Inc.; Mid-Arizona Shetland Sheepdog Club; Ibizan Club of America; Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club; Irish Wolfhound Club of America; Bulldog Club of Arizona; Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States; Borzoi Club of America; and, White Mountain Kennel Club.




Mid-Arizona Shetland Sheepdog Club



Irish Wolfhound Club of America



Ibizian Hound Club of America



Talavera Gecko 10


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